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Gruvi Weekly Digest #38?— A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

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Ben, CEO

What Types of Low Budget Films Break Out | American Film Market

This analysis focused on a total of 63 movies over a 15 year span. That is a little over 4 low-budget films a year manage to ‘break out’. And it turns out they have some things in common.

Stephen, Sales Lead

Jason Bourne: Chinese cinema-goers protest after 3D screenings make them feel sick | The Independent

The growing pains of a rapidly expanding market are leading to serious consumer backlash, with both exhibitors and studios attempting to squeeze what they can from customers. After leapfrogging the cinema industry with over 80% of screens equipped with 3D technology, they have realised there are very few 3D films to show!

Franco, Digital Designer

How Many Photographs of You Are Out There In the World? | The Atlantic

Rose Eveleth went searching for an answer to the title question. I winding road, with even more questions raised in the process.

Mirona, Marketing Lead

Why Independent Film Distributors Are Taking a Beating | Indiewire

Audiences complain they are tired of blockbuster sequels, yet indie film distribution is struggling to survive. Even big players, such as Harvey Weinstein, are readjusting their focus and approach in order to stay in the game.

Johnny, Lead Developer

What is truly original? And how often do you take Wikipedia for its word?

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Check out the Stickbold! approach to influencer marketing for games in our video interview:

Launching your game. How are you influencing your influencer marketing?

Is your Snapchat strategy ready? Here’s why we think it should be:

What’s your Snapchat Strategy?

What can decrease online piracy? Here’s our take:

Online Piracy?—?Why do people illegally torrent and download movies and what should be done about it

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