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Gruvi Campaign Case Study // Social Media Marketing Trends // Progressive Web Apps

Gruvi Weekly Digest #40?— A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

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Ben, CEO

How to engage highly targeted movie audiences | Gruvi blog

We’ve recently published a case study of one of our recent campaigns. Our work for the limited US release of “The Bride” shows how a niche audience and a limited geographical scope can be leveraged to create buzz about an art-house film.

Stephen, Innovation Director

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends | Jeff Bullas

So for 2017- chat bots, AI and marketing automation are the ones to really focus on.

Franco, Digital Designer

Designing Great UIs for Progressive Web Apps |Owen Campbell-Moore on Medium

“Progressive Web Apps give us an opportunity to reset our expectations and to loudly declare that We Can Do Better when designing user experiences on the web.”

Mirona, Marketing Lead

Can You Handle It? Every Trump Tweet, in a Big Searchable Database | The Atlantic

This is YUUUGE!

Johnny, Lead Developer

Adblock Plus now sells ads | The Verge

A little bit of last week’s news and a little bit of irony from our friends at Adblock Plus.

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Check out the Stickbold! approach to influencer marketing for games in our video interview:

Launching your game. How are you influencing your influencer marketing?

Is your Snapchat strategy ready? Here’s why we think it should be:

What’s your Snapchat Strategy?

What can decrease online piracy? Here’s our take:

Online Piracy?—?Why do people illegally torrent and download movies and what should be done about it

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