A Gruvi workshop at the Film Festival in Brive

Ben Johnson
Updated on 27/09/2022

It was inspiring to meet such a group of young passionate film makers who were all in the early stages of their careers. Some were in the early stages of their projects, others were well advanced with post production or were already looking for distribution of their content. All shared the common desire to figure out the best way to get their movies distributed.

Brive Workshop

Over the course of the workshop we covered:

  • Using social media and analytics tools to help discover the possible themes that resonate with potential audiences
  • What are the key metrics
  • How to tailor your online communication and marketing plans based on solid data
  • The tools and social media that can help in the research, production, financing, marketing and distribution of independent film
  • The distribution platforms that are available in each country in the EU

The presentation is available for download here
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