Are European Exhibitors Ready To Capture Online Audiences?

Are European Exhibitors Ready To Capture Online Audiences
Ben Johnson
Updated on 29/11/2023

Earlier this year, we learned that 55% of cinema visits are intermediated by an online search of a movie title. This prompted the questions: are cinemas ready to capture this audience?
We soon noticed that while cinemas provide a great customer experience at their venues, this it is not always the case for their online customer experience.
We decided to research the issue in order to better understand what cinemas lack in their digital presence and strategy and to determine clear steps they can take to reach and engage audiences online efficiently.
The result is an A.U.D.I.T. of the current state of the digital strategies used by some of the main cinemas in Europe.
We are planning to expand the study to all European countries (and beyond) in the near future. For now we have published two instalments of the study:

The results were published in partnership with Celluloid Junkie and they were the basis of a talk we delivered at CineEurope Barcelona in June.
Read part 1 here:
Read part 2 here:

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Are European Exhibitors Ready To Capture Online Audiences