Arthouse Horror — Vimeo Video Trends— Peak Paper — High Seas Homesteads — The Worst Game in History

Arthouse Horror  Vimeo Video Trends
Ben Johnson
Updated on 05/12/2023

Gruvi Weekly Digest #18 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

We’ve got a full house this week and plenty of good stuff to read. We dive into the world of film exploring contested genre categorisations and video trends. Right in the middle we’ve got two highbrow reads on resources and international law. Then we explore ‘the worst game in history’ in marketing for luxury brands, before looking at a recent Uber incident that has had us wondering how will the company respond?


Ben, CEO

This is why we can’t have nice things: “The Witch” and horror fandom’s gatekeepers via Medium

What defines a horror film? “It Follows”, “The Witch” and “The Babadook” represent a sub genre of the Horror scene that is more arthouse, thoughtful and in my opinion creepier than any of the mainstream shock and awe stuff that you see with the larger franchises. However die hard horror fans are up in arms, unwilling or unable to accept the classification to these titles. I for one support #GiveArthouseHorroraChance.


Matt, Operations Lead

10,000 Staff Picks: exploring the evolution of video trends via Vimeo

To celebrate 10 000 Staff Picks, the Vimeo team share an overview on what styles of visuals are trending in the platform’s community.


Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter

Doing more with less: the economic lesson of Peak Paper via Aeon Opinions

The age of no paper is upon us. Not as soon as some had predicted- but then again, they also thought we’d be able to have flying cars by now. John Quiggin puts forward some interesting insight on the relationships between resources and economic growth.


Julio, CTO

The True Obstacle to the Autonomy of Seasteads via

This paper takes us through a disgusting and eye-opening account of how the abhorrence of a power vacuum by International Law and, in particular, the United States, makes independent seasteading a daunting task.


Johnny, Lead Developer

The man who made ‘the worst video game in history’ via BBC News

A most beloved film became a most despised video game. Spielberg wanted it to be “more like Pac Man” and a 10 year old describes it by “It wasn’t fun”. The ET came made a splash in all the wrong ways and prompted its creator to switch careers and become a psychotherapist instead.


Franco, Graphic Designer

How Grey Goose used experiential marketing to tell its luxury story via E Consultancy

Marketing luxury goods is hard. As soon as you charge more than another brand for what is essentially the same product on the surface, you lose the biggest bargaining chip of them all: price.

Yuriy, Social Media Wizard

Man’s scary Uber ride ‘just before driver’s random murder spree’ via Daily Mail

Not so long ago, I heard a rumor that drivers in the U.S. had stopped picking up hitchhikers after “The Hitcher” was released. Now I am looking atthis story and comments to it and think that it’s not just a rumor. Potentially this incident can even kill the “Unicorn”. And the most interesting question?—?How Uber will react?

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Arthouse Horror  Vimeo Video Trends