Awww, SNAP!

Awww, SNAP!
Ben Johnson
Updated on 05/12/2023

We are excited to announce the addition of full Snapchat Ads integration to the Gruvi platform. Building Snapchat Ads for movies adds a new tool to our strategies for marketing movies on social, further expanding the reach of our campaigns.
Launched by Snapchat in May, Snap Ads allow you to reach their 166 Million daily users, in an effective and targeted way.
Snap Ads allow users to watch full trailers, access local showtimes (due to its accurate location based targeting), and book tickets within the Snapchat environment. With two thirds of all ads being played with the sound on and active Snapchatters spending on average 30 minutes a day on the app, you can expect much higher engagement with your video content and a highly targeted audience.
Snap targeting works with comScore and PlaceIQ – Allowing you to accurately target key demographics, measure consumer behaviour and leverage analytics to learn more about movie theatre visitors.

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Taking advantage of Snapchat’s younger skew, Snap Ads will offer Gruvi’s most comprehensive audience reach when combined with our tools designed for other social channels. Snap Ads data will fully integrate into the Gruvi metrics dashboard so our clients can have a complete overview of their multi-channel campaign.
Here at Gruvi we’re especially excited about the audience delivered by the mobile app: Snapchat currently reaches 32.9% of all Millennials as compared to 23.8% for Twitter, and the median age of Snapchat users is 18, as compared to 40 on Facebook.


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The Gruvi team have worked tirelessly on this addition and are excited about the new reach it will provide our clients. It seamlessly combines with our other social channels, offering our clients a tailored, targeted approach to each campaign.
We are already advertising on Snapchat on behalf of our clients, with excellent results in terms of reach and cost efficiency. Case studies will follow in the next weeks.
If you would like to use this or any other of our tools for your campaigns, get in touch!

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Awww, SNAP!