Cannes NEXT Webinar: Fighting Corona - how to use audience data correctly for film marketing

How to Use Audience Behavior Data For Film Marketing
Ben Johnson
Updated on 12/02/2023

The presentation from the session is available for download here:

On June 24th Gruvi and usheru hosted a live webinar as part of Cannes NEXT. The objective was to show how innovation in both campaigns and destination websites can create strong strategies to thrive in this post-COVID world. The session also highlighted some new approaches to attracting audiences, and presented case studies that showed how you can exploit audience data to keep your fans engaged and increase your revenue over time.

On the day we were inundated with too many live questions and comments from viewers for us to be able to answer them all, but you will find answers below to some of the key questions asked. If you have a question from then or would like to leave a comment once you have watched the webinar, please do so at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you ASAP.

QU: What is a Social Player?
ANS: Demonstration of our social players can be found here: Social players are microsites that work within the news feed of most major social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter.

QU Which territories are we working in?
ANS: Gruvi and Usheru work internationally and provide services throughout Europe, AsiaPac, LATM, North America and the Middle East.

QU: Where are the case studies from?
ANS: Case studies are from a variety of different countries across Europe. If you would like to look through more cases please check out Gruvi's blog

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How to Use Audience Behavior Data For Film Marketing