• Ben Johnson

Gruvi is speaking at two sessions in the ECA Showcase at CineEurope 2018

We will be at CineEurope in Barcelona again this year so let us know below if you would like to meet. We have organised two exciting sessions to present results from our marketing analysis of major European cinemas as well as audience analysis on a great range of films.

The sessions will be hosted at ECA Showcase on the second floor at CineEurope in Seminar Room M211.

Session I – Know Thy Audience on Tuesday 12th from 10:30 -12:00

Starting with defining “who is my audience” is critical to any successful film marketing approach. This session will focus on case studies and a panel discussion for audience research to help answer: ‘who are the potential audiences for my film?’, ‘what are they interested in?’, ‘how and where they are communicating and which of them are influential?’.

Panel will consist of:

  • Ben Johnson – Gruvi

  • Joe Evea – Cineplaces

  • Jessica Carlin – Screen Moguls

  • Moderator – Nick Adams

Session II -How Effectively Are European Cinemas Reaching Online Audiences? on Tuesday 12th from 12:30 – 13:45

Gruvi has conducted an audit of all major chains website across Europe to measure their approach to online audiences. The goal is to provide a benchmark so cinema chains can understand their ranking and performance according to 5 important marketing Key Performance Indicators like traffic, algorithm, data, influence and user experience.

Come to listen and join our discussion about strategies how to identify, select and and target relevant audiences for your own industry. Or click here to book a meeting with us.

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