Cinema Chat Bot Technology - The Future of Marketing Is Here

Cinema Chat Bot Technology The Future of Marketing Is Here
Ben Johnson
Updated on 22/08/2022

Cinema chat bot technology: The ODEON ChatBot

Choosing what to watch may not be as easy as you think! So we created a Cinema chat bot that combines AI and film metadata, which embedded into services like Facebook Messenger will make the movie going experience even easier.

Most people make up their mind about going to a cinema within a 48 hour period. There may have a movie in mind that drives this decision but just as common is the behaviour of turning up at the venue and deciding what to watch. This is because movie choice is highly influenced by group decision-making. The fact that someone else in the group wanted to see a particular movie (55%) was found to be almost as important to in the decision process as the movie’s storyline (57%).

From our work with the International Showtimes API we felt there was a gap in the market, as most searches for film involve:

- Having a film in mind from marketing, word of mouth, etc

- Looking for it in online to investigate more about the title

- Then moving into planning to see when and where it’s on

Over 90% of ‘whats on and when’ searches happen via the internet. A Cinema Chat Bot with an AI dedicated to helping you find great films that’s integrated with powerful platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. provides brands with new and exciting ways of communicating with customers by providing useful, timely information that is tailored to them. If you look at the demographics, timely responses seem to be the way to go with younger audiences and cinema chat bots are a great way to potentially reach them.


That’s why we launched the Gruvi Movies Facebook chatbot experience to help cinema brands build better relationships with their digital audiences. We have already successfully white labeled and launched this with the Odeon Cinemas Chatbot in the UK and even enabled the bot to help with basic customer support queries on top of helping users find movies and when & where they are playing.

Give it a whirl! Click here to jump straight to the bot on Facebook Messenger to see our integration with Odeon in operation.

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Cinema Chat Bot Technology The Future of Marketing Is Here