Gruvi at Kino Kongress in Baden-Baden 2018

Gruvi at Kino Kongress in Baden Baden
Ben Johnson
Updated on 05/12/2023

This year Gruvi is attending Kino Kongress in Baden Baden, Germany. Daniel Gschaider will there from 15-17 May, meeting and talking to clients about audience development for their upcoming releases and events. If you’d like to request a meeting and find out more our approach how to locate, reach and engage your audiences, click here to book a meeting and get in touch.

A brief introduction

Gruvi is a marketing technology platform that helps film and entertainment companies reach and engage online audiences prior to and during a film’s release. Gruvi has the pleasure of being one of the few companies that work with Distribution and Exhibition and Production. Our services include:

  • Exhibitors like Odeon: Chatbot for cinema booking and customer support inquiries, tools for social campaigns.
  • Producers like Regner Grasten: Audience insight analysis. Read more about our case study of the Danish family movie Kidnapning here.
  • Film distributors across Europe and US such as Wildbunch, Weltkino, Camera Films, Aerofilms, Fathom Events and more: Media and creative planning, execution and optimization of online campaigns.

For more details about our approach to online marketing you can read Winning Your Audiences, our free ebook, and explore other case studies on our blog.
Or click here to book a meeting with Dan and get in touch.

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Gruvi at Kino Kongress in Baden Baden