Gruvi New Facebook Player – Ticketing in the Newsfeed

Gruvi New Facebook Player – Ticketing in the Newsfeed
Ben Johnson
Updated on 05/12/2023

Our Facebook newsfeed ticketing technology is back! We can once again deliver showtimes or any relevant sales message within a mobile Facebook app.
One of Gruvi’s earliest successes was our Facebook video player. It allowed us to playlist videos, cross promote other films, and – crucially – display geo-targeted cinema showtimes, all without the user leaving Facebook. This tool was by far the best performing Marketing Technology that Gruvi developed. Additionally, it generated exceptionally high click-through rates to individual cinemas’ advance ticketing pages. Take a look at this earlier post to see how this tool greatly outperformed conventional banner advertising.
Our player came to an untimely end in 2016 after Facebook stopped supporting Flash. However, the good news is that, by utilising new technology developed exclusively by Gruvi, we can once again offer our clients the opportunity to interact with mobile Facebook users this way.
Here is short video of the tool in action:

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The showtimes unit seen in the video also captures audience data and clicks. It allows us to subsequently retarget those users with a proven interest in the promoted title, further encouraging them to complete their journey by booking cinema tickets.
Our player is not just a helpful tool for showtimes and ticketing. It also allows users to explore other content from a catalogue, investigate upcoming releases or other titles released that week, interact with a quiz, watch a live stream, or even listen to their Spotify playlist.


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Gruvi New Facebook Player – Ticketing in the Newsfeed