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Gruvi Weekly Debrief- 10/11/2017

The Gruvi Weekly Debrief is our Friday recap of the topics that we’ve covered on the website over the past week and the occasional company updates.

Monday marked the second instalment in our Facebook marketing series. After taking a look at video last week, this time around we focused on the Carousel. Read through for an insight into various creative options you can try out with a Carousel ad and stay tuned for more articles in this series in the coming weeks.

Going In Circles With Facebook Carousel Ads? Let Us Help

Next we shared a case study about one of the campaigns we worked on last summer- Shark Week in cinemas. The event cinema experience was distributed by Cinevents. We focused on attracting the TV show’s traditional fan base into movie theatres for a thrilling big screen experience. Read the case study to explore our approach as well as the results of this campaign!

A Gruvi Case Study – Shark Week

Last, but not least, we’ve started looking at the most likely contenders for our ‘If social media predicted the Oscars’ experiment. If you want to revisit the premise of the project, you can find it here. This week, we looked at the likely contenders for the Best Foreign Film category. It won’t be an easy choice for the Academy members! Several of these films have already acquired distribution in various territories around the world, so you’ll likely have a chance to see most of them before one snags the shiny statue next year.

If Social Media decided the Oscars (Best Foreign Film)

For an overview of interesting things we have read, watched and listened to across the web this past week, check the Gruvi Weekly Digest on LinkedIn.

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