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The Victims of Windowing // Who Killed Gawker? // SaaS Marketing // The Physics of Gymnastics

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Ben, CEO

U.K. Distributor Metrodome Declared Insolvent, Seeks Protection From Creditors | Variety

This is sad news – Jezz Vernon was one of my first contacts in the film business when I began 12 years ago.

Metrodome’s troubled state reflects that of many smaller independent distributors, who are being forced to walk a tight-rope every time they release a pic. Exhibitors continue to refuse to allow release windows to be collapsed, so denying distributors the chance to release films in theaters and on-demand at the same time. If they could do this, they would maximize returns from their advertising and publicity campaigns, which might be enough to keep them afloat. This kind of says it all about how crazy todays windowing system is.

Johnny, Lead Developer

Never Mind Peter Thiel. Gawker Killed Itself | AdAge

A whole lot of #content has been flowing regarding Gawker’s demise. If the tone of most of what’s been hitting you was fawning, melancholy and funeral-pyre-long-live-the-king-like, then here’s Simon Dumenco with a different perspective.

Franco, Digital Designer

We Watched Users Browse SaaS Marketing Sites for 1,800 Minutes and Here’s What We Learned | Appcues

In the most comprehensive look at SaaS home pages to date, Appcues studied 30 different SaaS websites through 90 different user interactions. They analysed videos in order to understand what makes for a successful visit to a homepage.

Mirona, Marketing Lead

Is Simone Biles really unbeatable? Breaking down the physics behind her gymnastics | Qz

Yes, I know, the Olympics are over. But Simone Biles’ star is shining bright and her borderline impossible tricks were a huge part of what kept audiences glued to screens and engaged with the event in Rio. This article provides a plain speak explanation of the science behind all those jumps and twists that have left us all in awe- while also diving into how such athletic performances have a deeper meaning, in helping us understand movement.

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