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Gruvi Weekly Digest #41?— A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

Ben, CEO

How Much of Your Audience Is Fake? | Bloomberg

“As an advertiser we were paying for eyeballs and thought that we were buying views. But in the digital world, you’re just paying for the ad to be served, and there’s no guarantee who will see it, or whether a human will see it at all.” Why is online advertising such a dirty business?

Stephen, Innovation Director

Snapchat Releases First Hardware Product, Spectacles | Wall Street Journal

Remember that app that everybody though only teenagers will use? After being the proposer of some of the most interesting solutions for online publishers, Snapchat (now going by Snap Inc.) launched their first piece of hardware. “Spectacles will allow Snap Inc. to at last control a physical camera, instead of making the app a slave to your smartphone’s built-in lens.”

Franco, Digital Designer

How to pretend you’re a great designer | The Design Team on Medium

Pablo Stanley presents in a fun way practical tips and principles that designers trick people into thinking they are an industry thought leader.

Mirona, Marketing Lead

Why The Orchard Is Luring Indie Filmmakers With Unprecedented Fiscal Transparency | Indiewire

The dealings of the film industry are notoriously opaque, so The Orchard’s initiative go against the grain. Not only does this allow them to quickly act upon points where they’re struggling but also to create better business practices. Using data to that effect was at the centre the BigData.BigMovies conference which we attended last week in Berlin- a full report is coming up later this week.

Johnny, Lead Developer

How Devolver Digital is redefining videogame publishing | PC Gamer

A profile on the distributor of some of the most interesting independent videogames released during the past decade. “There is freedom in being small”.


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