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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Gruvi Weekly Digest #44— A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

Ben, CEO

After our discussion on influencer marketing for games with Martin Pedersen, meeting Nic Yeeles (CEO of peg.co) and interviewing him was a great way to complete the picture of influencer marketing. In this interview he talks about best practices when it comes to identifying and approaching YouTube influencers, as well as about peg.co, a website making it easy to discover and approach the best suited influencers.

Mirona, Marketing Lead

The Magical Marketing of Moonlight | Film School Rejects

A24 is the kind of distributor every distributor wants to be and “Moonlight” is the kind of film that acts as a “wonderful reminder of why we go to the movies”. A great story came together with an equally great festival strategy, beautiful artwork and good reviews to create this magic mix.

Stephen, Innovation Director

Facebook sends TV broadcasters a friend request | The Drum

Facebook TV! The power play for video continues, with Facebook acknowledging their ‘content’ weak spot. While merging TV’s rich content with Facebook’s rich data makes sense, sharing the honey pot could prove rather tricky.

Franco, Digital Designer

Behance Cofounder’s Design Secret: Ignore the Internet | Magenta

“Matias Corea opens up about the Adobe acquisition, the beauty of analog inspiration, and why designers need to stop scrolling.”


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