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Gruvi Weekly Digest Special Edition: President Donald J. Trump

Gruvi Weekly Digest #46—?A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

We’re just as taken aback by the outcome of this election as everybody else who was not a Trump supporter. Where do the US and the world go next? We collected some of the best articulated thoughts around that as well as some that give an overview of the long and strenuous campaign that kept the world watching.

Ben, CEO

Fear and self-loathing may be about to push America to President Trump | International Business Times UK

It’s official: polling is out of touch and frequently wrong. Social media analysis is the way to go. Unfortunately they were right and Florida did another one on the Democrats.

Stephen, Innovation Director

Rock the Vote / Election Sounds | Contagious Communications

The gap between the disenchanted millennials and the rest of the electorate continues to grow in the US. As part of the Rock The Vote movement, younger voters were enticed to participate in voting in exchange for exclusive music! Musicians Watsky, Local Natives and The Head and the Heart pledged to give fans access to new tracks – provided that they are in close proximity to a polling station. For 2020, let’s try movies!

Yuriy, Social Media Wizard

Tracking the 2016 Presidential Money Race | Bloomberg.com

The presidential pace in the U.S. is finally over. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton- it’s shock. It is also time to analyse their marketing activity and spends. Bloomberg put together this comprehensive overview of the budgets and channels the two candidates used for their campaigns.

Beti, Business Development

The 2016 Election Exposes the Very, Very Dark Side of Tech | Wired

The dark side of social is that separating facts from ideology is not possible and pages and ideas spread through social are more viral when they are outright lies.

Johnny, Lead Developer

How the Internet tricked you into thinking Trump wouldn’t win | The Next Web

As someone living in Europe, I’ve spent the last year an a half partially terrified but also smugly expecting that such a childish, divisive, crude demagogue could not win a large scale election. Let 2016 be a lesson not only on how polls are broken, but also on how political campaigns and their audiences are completely alienated and detached from the other side’s perspective and their chances of victory.

Mirona, Marketing Lead

Don’t Panic | Cracked

I’m not a big fan of ‘inspirational’ quotes. But if I’d have to pick one I actually stand by, it’s ‘Don’t agonize. Organize!’


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