Gruvi’s 2017 Blog Post Hall of Fame

Gruvis Blog Post Hall of Fame
Ben Johnson
Updated on 07/12/2023

What a year it has been! Here at Gruvi we’ve had an incredible 12 months, continuing to work with great clients, as well as both developing and refining our online marketing services in this rapidly changing online environment.
Before you head off for your holidays we wanted to do a quick round up of the most read articles from our blog. Whilst being closely contested, these three articles made it to the top of the list:
A Gruvi Case Study – Shark Week
The most read article on the Gruvi blog in 2017 was our case study on Shark Week. We outline the challenge of attracting audiences for a program so far available exclusively on TV into the cinemas. Read through to find out more about our approach and the results.
A Gruvi Case Study – Shark Week
Netflix and the Art of the BuzzIn what we guess you could call a case study of sorts, we decided to have a closer look at traditional movie marketing and how SVOD platforms like Netflix are shaking up the industry model. By not having to adhere to the pressure of an “opening weekend”, streaming platforms can focus on generating “buzz” rather than a project living or dying by audience attendance during its first 2-3 days of release.
Netflix and the Art of the Buzz
Case Study: KidnapningYou guys really like your case studies! This time we looked at the hilarious Danish family movie Kidnapning and our work promoting the release with the films’ producer Regner Grasten. Over the 3 parts we looked at how we approached the challenge, the way we implemented the campaign and the overall results. On top of this we were lucky enough to have a debrief on the project with Regner on our vlog.
Combining paid advertising and influencer marketing for movies. Case Study: Kidnapning (Part 1)
And there you have it- the 2017 Gruvi Blog Post Hall of Fame. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support throughout the year and we look forward to sharing more good news on the blog in 2018. Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year!

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Gruvis Blog Post Hall of Fame