If Social Media Decided the Oscars (Round 2)

If Social Media Decided the Oscars Round 2
Ben Johnson
Updated on 25/03/2022

A few years ago we decided to do a bit of an social media marketing experiment - as the ability to analyse social media marketing data was developing we wanted to see if we could predict the 2018 winners for Best Picture and Best Foreign Film at the Oscars. Long story short, we got 1 out of 2 (The Great Beauty, Best Foreign Film).
This time we’re back with avengeance, aiming to get the coveted 2 out of 2. We understand that the Academy Award nominations are from a selection of industry members and not the general public, but we’re interested to see if the bombarding nature of social media marketing is beginning to have a significant impact on decisions.
When the nominations are announced at the beginning of January, we will analyse the social media marketing (both paid and organic) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By looking at the film’s presence on each network and the appeal of its actors/directors to users, we can begin to see a picture of how each film is faring in the build up to the awards. Using various native and standalone tools we’ll be totting up the estimated social reach of each nomination and using that to predict the winner in both categories.
Following in the footsteps of our previous attempt, we shall also be having looking at how our predictions compare to the bookies and putting our money where our social analysis mouth is by having a little flutter.
And so, in preparation for this we will look at some of the rumored contenders for each category over the coming weeks, and pick a few social media marketing campaigns that we feel have grabbed the public’s attention. These longlists are our own opinions on the two categories and are just an early stab at who we think with get nominations later on the year, having looked at industry buzz, early choices from trusted websites and early reviews.
Stay tuned for our Best Picture nominations - coming next week.(Cover Image: ABC/ Adam Rose)

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If Social Media Decided the Oscars Round 2