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Mobile Tracking
Ben Johnson
Updated on 07/12/2023

Gruvi Weekly Digest #3 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

While our smartphones evolve to know more about us, our tastes, preferences and habits, it’s not just social media platforms, but also mobile carriers, who are keen to share what they know with marketers. Snapchat is working on making them be able to get the information themselves, first hand. All these changes are a part of what has made behavioural economics a growing field of interest lately. And speaking of behaviours, we’ve also got a book recommendation, on the service that has us phrasing our ideas in 140 characters or less. To be enjoyed while sipping a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.


Ben, CEO

The $24 Billion Data Business That Telcos Don’t Want to Talk About (via Ad Age)
Right now you are being tracked, watched and analysed by the actions from the data that is captured from your phone. Expect major ethics battles ahead.
“The mobile operators don’t want to reveal this,” said Mr. Tripathi, the SAP Mobile Services executive. No matter how much telcos and their partners stress that the data is anonymized and aggregated, he said, “they are fearful people will take this and twist it into something that it isn’t.”


Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter

Inside Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s Entertainment Empire (via Fast Company)
Before you write off Snapchat as another teenager fad,consider the way they are imposing a new way of storytelling on mobile devices. Their collaborations with various media companies are seeing these companies adapting to the service, rather than the other way around. With the increased focus on native advertising, Snapchat has been building just the right user base and tools for the job.


Julio, CTO

Please, Not Another Bias! The Problem with Behavioral Economics (via Evonomics)
Pop culture’s Freud would be proud of Jason Collins, who in this piece reframes cognitive biases within an evolutionary sexual context. He proposes this laser-focus on rationality is just Homo Economicus’ latest attempt to regain relevance, and throws in a little Darwin into the mix.


Matt, Operations Lead

Hatching Twitter (via Penguin Random House)
Got a book recommendation this week! I bought this for a trip last week and could not put it down. Hatching Twitter is an entertaining and fascinating look behind the birth and turbulent emergence of an internet giant. Highly recommend.


Johnny, Lead Developer

The Cocktail at the End of the Universe (
Jess Zimmerman discusses nerd bars, cocktail history and inclusivity by way of her search for the perfect space cocktail that no one knows how to mix.

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Mobile Tracking