New Cross-Promotion Wave features: Index and Carousel

Ben Johnson
Updated on 07/12/2023

An increasing number of brands we work with have expressed a desire to promote entire catalogues of content, particularly back catalogues or other content releasing simultaneously.
We’ve worked hard to come up with a solution and are proud to announce the successful launch of a new template: the Index App. Index lets you stylishly display your entire catalogue of content, products or services directly on your fan page and in the Newsfeed. Users can browse your content offering, view trailers, book showtimes, read product reviews/information, be directed to purchase, and more, all within the same space on your Facebook fan page.
We’ve also added the Carousel plugin to our Surf template, which lets users browse other live campaigns. This extension ties into the Index app, and lets you promote multiple films, TV shows, bands, sports events and products simultaneously from separate Wave-built apps.
Index and Carousel were built to help marketers adopt a more holistic approach to their digital marketing campaigns. These new features let you rapidly deploy a consistent social, web and mobile marketing campaign, encompassing all your products and services, while locating everything in one attractive, easy to manage space.
These new features are already being put to the test by a series of cinema chains across Europe. They are using the Index app on their fan-pages to display their theatrical play weeks, and are promoting other film titles using the Surf template with the Carousel plugin.
Both Index and Carousel are available to everyone with a Gruvi subscription and can be deployed on your campaigns today. If you would like more information about both of these products, or if you’re an existing partner and would like assistance in adding them to your current campaigns, just drop us an email.

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