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Parasite - international movie campaign showcase

Updated: May 14

Gruvi had the fantastic opportunity to work on the theatrical release of the Palme D’Or and multiple Oscar winner “Parasite” in six different territories, with a series of digital marketing campaigns that ran for over six months. We began by working on the film’s June 2019 release in Singapore and then with campaigns in Poland (September), Austria (October), Denmark (December), Sweden (December), and Finland (January). Each campaign saw the construction and upkeep of a local language geo-targeted theatrical showtimes platform (see below for examples), displaying movie showtimes details for all cinemas playing the film.

We worked closely with each distributor to ensure we identified and targeted the appropriate audience in each territory and combined this with data from The Audience Project (T.A.P.) our Creative Europe funded movie audience data platform. TAP's database enabled us to collect audience behavioral data from current and previous campaigns to improve the quality of Gruvi's media buy, allowing us to model and target the right kinds of audiences who are likely to buy tickets to see the film. In the case of “Parasite”, we were also able to exploit the audiences for the film internationally as we sequentially worked on the movie in other territories.

TAP allowed us to improve our calculations on estimated results in our media planning as each time we launched the campaign we exceeded our targets in the number of Actions we generated. Actions are a meaningful gauge on audience interest in the film and include the measurement of completed video views (not 3 second starts common in the industry), visits to our websites that includes a showtimes platform, audiences sharing the ad experiences with their friends through reactions, comment, etc.

Throughout the campaign in each territory, we worked on a wide number of channels from display media through to social media. In each case, our ad technology worked natively within the newsfeed to combine video and showtimes as a geolocated point of sale based on the audience member's exact location. Here are some examples of our native ad executions:




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