The Four Horsemen of Digital Marketing

The Four Horsemen of Digital Marketing
Ben Johnson
Updated on 12/12/2023

Working for the entertainment industry is really fun. The content is so engaging and the advertising is inherently sticky it ‘almost’ feels like we are not involved in the ad-tech world. It’s why Gruvi continues to focus all our efforts on film, tv, games, etc and not tack off on the more lucrative tract of FMCG, automotive or insurance based products. From a creative, video, celebrity and social perspective the content has it nailed. Who doesn’t love good movie trailer, after all!
Despite the wide range of gorgeous content, there is something fundamentally rotten in the state of entertainment content marketing that results in behaviours that are continuously at odds with the real performance. This can be really frustrating, especially when you see a great content discovery experience go to waste through poor execution because the system is poorly rigged against the marketing teams responsible.

So I wanted to create a new series that I feel encapsulates what are the four main horsemen that impact digital marketing performance:

  • Campaign rather than brand?—?studios and producers work title to title, understand why this hurts the long term performance of any campaign
  • Lack of in house skills?—?Too many valuable skills are being outsourced to agencies. Most teams lack many of the core skill sets required for digital advertising. What are these skills and how should they be nurtured are key questions brands should be asking themselves.
  • The Separation of ‘Church and State’?—?To maximise opportunity creative and media buying should happen as complimentary actions throughout the campaign.
  • Data?—?retargeting and programmatic are today’s cache terms, if you don’t have the above you will not be able to maximise your opportunity in this fast growing area.

We’ll be writing about these as a series over the coming weeks and exploring cases, systems, approaches and ideas for getting around these. If you have your own experiences on the above please feel free to drop me a line, it would be great to create an anonymous series as per Digiday.

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The Four Horsemen of Digital Marketing