• Ben Johnson

Gruvi Weekly Digest Special Edition- Chatbots

Gruvi Weekly Digest #48— A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

Ben, CEO

Cinema chat bot technology: The ODEON ChatBot | Gruvi Blog

This week marks the launch of our first venture into conversational technology with the ODEON ChatBot. Read more about why we got involved and check out this great tool helping users discover and book movies across the UK and Ireland.

Mirona, Marketing Lead

Your personal assistant doesn’t need any chatbots — or does it? | Venture Beat

Both still fairly new and buzz-driving technologies, artificial assistants and chat bots could be seen as competition. In fact, they might only be able to fulfil their purpose if they collaborate.

Stephen, Innovation Director

Why Chat May Be King Of The New Mobile Landscape | Fastcodesign.com

We’ve spoken before how, taking a cue from WeChat, the internet might be moving in a post-app phase. Messaging platforms are not only thriving, but they are also ensuring they will continue to do so in the future.

Franco, Digital Designer

How to build a beautiful chatbot when all you have is text | Venture Beat

As chatbots are still largely text-based, it’s a challenge for designers to integrate a brand’s identity into such a piece of technology.

Johnny, Lead Developer

Man, Donald Trump Would Make for a Great Chatbot | Wired

From the starting point of a Markov Chain powered Trump robot, Matt Simon explores past, present and future applications of simulated human interfaces.


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