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Ben Johnson
Updated on 13/12/2023

Tracking audience engagement and ticketing demand can give a good prediction about Box office openings for your film ahead of its release. Gruvi is building tools that track audience engagement and predict ticket sales from your marketing activities. You can read an introduction to our tools and to this case study here. You can also book a meeting with us here to discuss the findings below.

Key Findings in Finland

In the previous segments to this series we demonstrated a series of Key Performance Indicators that can be used to assess the effectiveness of the campaign at driving interest in the film, ticketing and the overall sentiment of the audience towards the film in order to determine how well the film will perform in Box Office.

To illustrate our findings the following table comprises the films we worked on in Finland in 2022 where budgets were sufficient to reach the target audiences.

Movie NameAction RateLink Clicks/Actions ShareLink Clicks/ImpressionsShowtime Interaction RateShowtime Exit Rate
MC Helper BeKINGs 7.08%10.74%0.76%52.99%14.76%
Everything Everywhere All at Once6.46%9.06%0.59%5.34%0.80%
Bergman Island9.54%2.56%0.24%24.70%2.33%
The Worst Person In The World14.60%2.29%0.33%22.52%3.18%
Petite maman6.42%4.89%0.31%28.32%3.01%
Karaoke Paradise9.01%2.15%0.19%0.34%0.06%
The Adventures of Pil8.51%2.26%0.19%17.53%1.82%

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Only MC Helper BeKings met all 5 KPI’s, while Bergman Island met 3 KPI’s and all other films met only 2 or less. 

MC Helper BeKINGs was created by Finnish Youtuber and as such had a very small target audience, however even with this new format outside of the traditional production process we could see an extremely engaged audience in Finland with over half the people clicking through ads also searching for suitable showtimes. Considering the film’s format limitation, box office results were good and met distributor’s expectations.

Key Findings in Finland

  • Showtimes interaction KPIs in Finland were high in comparison to other markets, many of these interactions came from a relatively small audience group, this suggest that the campaign budgets were insufficient to reach a broader audience, but had done an excellent job of attracting a highly engaged audience. Box office results were not reached for these titles. 
  • MC Helper BeKINGs was the only title meeting all KPIs, it was the only title that performed well in admissions.
  • The remaining films did not meet the 3 KPIs which assess audience engagement, they consequently failed in deliver good ticketing demand and hence also delivered poor box office results.

Interested to know whether YOUR film is on track to meet Box Office targets before it is released? Book a meeting with us here.

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Gruvi Podcast Finland