The KPIs You Can Use To 2x Your Box Office Target
Ben Johnson
Updated on 13/12/2023

Tracking audience engagement and ticketing demand can give a good prediction about Box office openings for your film ahead of its release. Gruvi is building tools that track audience engagement and predict ticket sales from your marketing activities. You can read an introduction to our tools and to this case study here. You can also book a meeting with us here to discuss the findings below.

Key Findings in Poland

In the previous segments to this series we demonstrated a series of Key Performance Indicators that can be used to assess the effectiveness of the campaign at driving interest in the film, ticketing and the overall sentiment of the audience towards the film in order to determine how well the film will perform in Box Office.

To illustrate our findings, the following table comprises the films we worked on in Poland in 2022 where budgets were sufficient to reach the target audiences.

Movie NameAction RateLink Clicks/Actions ShareLink Clicks/ImpressionsShowtime Interaction RateShowtime Exit Rate
Kill it and leave this town14.27%8.75%1.25%24.23%8.18%
James Bond No Time to Die12.24%8.59%1.05%17.90%6.36%
Songs About Love9.01%10.94%0.99%16.02%2.61%
C'mon C'mon8.60%9.91%0.85%12.03%2.51%
The Addams Family 213.14%5.36%0.70%10.55%2.41%
Licorice Pizza8.47%20.35%1.72%2.25%0.24%
Parallel Mothers11.48%7.04%0.81%10.33%1.78%
Serial (Bad) Weddings 318.63%4.18%0.78%9.02%1.88%
Kryptonim: Polska24.47%4.83%1.18%0.56%0.26%
My Wonderful Life27.78%3.49%0.97%6.40%1.01%
House of Gucci14.76%6.18%0.91%6.62%1.39%
Infinite Storm8.70%6.64%0.58%13.02%2.17%
Paris, 13th District10.12%3.00%0.30%16.92%1.67%
Everyone Knows Better2.05%23.01%0.58%4.32%1.34%

Whilst Action rate, Link Clicks/Actions and Link Clicks/Impression are all good indicators of a campaign’s performance and measurement of audiences interest in a film, their interplay with other KPIs depends on the channels selected for advertising and how the advertising is run. For instance, twenty films in the above table exceeded the action rate benchmark in Poland, but only Kill it and Leave this Town, No Time to Die, Songs About Love, C’mon C’mon, The Addams Family 2, and Annette exceeded the Showtimes Exit Rate. Audiences interact with ads very well online compared to other regions, however, only a smaller proportion of them were interested in investigating ticketing options.

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From the above graph we have a better picture of the number of KPIs met, and the performance across each KPI, per film. Only 3 films - Kill it and Leave this Town, No Time to Die, and Songs about Love achieved four KPI’s, while three films met 3 KPIs, and fifteen films met only 2 KPIs or less.

Most film campaigns saw above average results for showtime interactions and/or showtime exits when at least 2 of the initial KPIs before showtime are available are met (Action rate, Link Clicks/Actions, or Link Clicks/Impressions). If the film is not meeting the initial KPIs in these early stages of the campaign, the films are less likely to meet the ticketing demand related KPIs, meaning that if audiences don’t engage at the beginning of the campaign they are less likely to proceed to purchase tickets at cinemas. 

The exceptions to this rule were Annette, Infinite Storm and Paris, 13th District, which all achieved an above average Showtime Interaction Rate. However, this is due to the very low Link Clicks/Impression rates for these campaigns. In other words, these films attracted only a very small audience group. The campaigns will receive fewer impressions, fewer landing page views, which then allow interested audiences to provide a very high Showtime Interaction Rate. 

Key Findings in Poland

  • A strong indication of a films potential success is when 4 or more KPIs are met:
    • Songs about Love was very successful, and is the 16th highest grossing Polish film of 2022,
    • No Time To Die was one of the largest releases of 2022 in Poland,
    • C’mon C’mon performed very well, and the Polish release was one of the strongest across Europe,  
    • Kill it and Leave This Town was unfortunately impacted by Covid-19 lockdowns so results are not conclusive.
  • If the early awareness KPI threshold (which assess audience engagement from the campaign ads) are not met, then the demand for ticketing is also likely to be low.
  • If 3 KPIs are met, it is likely that the film will gain some traction, however, very unlikely to exceed distributor’s expectations in sales.

Interested to know whether YOUR film is on track to meet Box Office targets before it is released? Book a meeting with us here.

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The KPIs You Can Use To 2x Your Box Office Target