Winning your Audiences

Marketing Movies in the Connected World

The movie industry worldwide is at a crossroads. Technology disruption is causing established business models to erode and many marketing practices to fail. With more product, more competition, higher costs and lower engagement, the relevance of movies is at stake.

Winning Your Audiences: Marketing Movies In the Connected World

Here is what we cover in the book’s 3 chapters

Chapter 1

The current state of the industry, across production, distribution, and exhibition;

Chapter 2

Movie marketing strategies for the connected world, drawing on our experience of designing and implementing diverse marketing campaigns for films such as The Iron Lady, It Follows, Dheepan, and many more;

Chapter 3

Looking past the headlights: Innovating the movie business model. The challenges and opportunities of the future, from piracy, to VOD, and Blockchain technology.

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Elizabeth Cox

Producer, The Tinderbox

Thank you so much for "Winning Your Audiences." Your book is gold. It is the most helpful, up-to-date, unbiased and informative compendium of advice for modern film distribution I have ever seen. It's remarkable that it's free and that you are not selling anything to me, which most advisors in this field are doing when they produce such works. In a time when all is changing in this field, you have your finger on the pulse of the film industry and even give insight into the future of this business. Your experience in film distribution is vast, candid, empirical and so incredibly valuable to me. Thank you again for writing and sharing this most valuable of resources. I highly recommend your book to anyone who is serious about producing and distributing films in today's ever-changing industry.