Elevate Movie Marketing Strategies for the Digital World with a Leading Film Marketing Agency

    A poor opening night kills more than your profits in the business of film promotion! Gruvi is a marketing tech platform dedicated to the film industry by moving digital film audiences towards movie ticket purchases by adding measurability across brand and performance campaigns.
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    Movie Marketing Strategies

    Your customers' digital behaviour generates sales

    Studios are focusing on the rollout of their streaming platforms, and consumers know that shortened theatrical windows are bringing films to their homes sooner. Gruvi is a marketing tech platform dedicated to helping exhibitors engage film audiences online, pushing them towards cinema ticket sales.
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    Cinema Marketing Strategy

    Maximise the Value of Your Digital Audiences

    Video On Demand has seen phenomenal growth over the past two years, but as consumers are increasingly overwhelmed with choices how can you ensure your customer base continues to grow? Gruvi is a marketing tech platform dedicated to generating VOD transactions from digital film audiences.
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    Video on Demand Marketing

    No one should know your audience better than you

    The online promotion of many films starts far too late, with not enough time to identify, target and monetise to those potential audiences. Gruvi is an digital marketing agency that can solve this problem. We work directly with producers to guarantee you know your target audience, long before a distributor begins marketing it.
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    Film Audience Research

    Traditional OTT Audiences are Switching to Streaming

    Gruvi is a digital marketing agency that can help you identify, reach and convert lost & new TV audiences into regular viewers.
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    Traditional OTT Audiences Are Switching To Streaming

    Film festivals
    & film institutions

    Whether you are running an event or supporting a film production, audience behavioral data is vital to the successful outcome of any project whether it be market research for a risk assessment through to helping promote the event or production you sponsored.

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    Film Festival And Film Institution Marketing

    Identify & monetise your target audience where they live online

    Video games revenue is expected to cross $200 billion in 2023, with mobile gaming the largest growth sector. How can you cut through the noise generated by so many releases and ensure your game finds its audience?
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    Video Game Marketing

Turn your target audience into customers

Gruvi is a movie marketing company leveraging the global marketing technology platform that helps Film Distribution, Cinema, TV, VOD, and Gaming companies dramatically improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns & strategies for film, TV shows, and games.

How can Gruvi improve your film, TV show, or Game marketing?

Whether you are marketing a film, tv show, cinema or game release our digital advertising services and technologies will help you plan and deliver highly targeted advertising campaigns directly to targeted audiences with known interests in the content. 

If you a producer or a major movie studio insights from our advanced media planning will help you promote your creative, drive more users your website or app, and help with all aspects for promoting your content
The Entertainment Industry Thrives On Creative Marketing
Launch campaigns on every platform globally from SEO to paid digital media campaigns on selected websites
Whether you are launching at a film festival, cinema, OTT platform VOD service - track your digital campaigns in realtime
power up your campaign and achieve your company's goal by targeting audience clusters with TAP

Gruvi's data-driven research identifies the exact audience for every title we promote. We know the size & demographic make up of those audience groups, which digital platforms they use, and which related topics & themes they engage with.

Audience Analysis Sample

Audience research allows us to construct targeted digital strategies for social media and programmatic advertising. Our planning also incorporates predictions on how likely the audience is to 'meaningfully' engage with the campaign.

Plans include the following

Keyword targetingThe keywords and targeting parameters most likely to engage the audience for SEO and Social media platforms.
Channels strategiesWhich paid channels and websites will be most effective for advertising.
Creative and video strategiesGuidelines on messaging creativity and creatives for publicity and advertising.
Reach and frequencyPotential audience size, and the number of times they will be exposed to an ad during the campaign.
Actions predictionsHow many meaningful interactions will the campaign generate with audiences.

Gruvi’s content management system (CMS) creates a wide range of rich interactive advertising units for digital marketing for Snap, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok & Instagram, enabling content owners to present video, information and relevant point-of-sale messaging across all online and social media.  Point of sale features includes geo-located movie showtimes and cinema ticketing, streaming service links to ‘watch now’, quizzes, and content cross-promotion.

Gruvi's Content Management System

Gruvi's media buying services reach audiences across all major social media, mobile & display channels, from Reddit and Snap to Google’s programmatic display network, and publisher’s walled gardens. All campaigns are constantly monitored in real-time in order to maximize engagement and sales. 

Reach audience across social media, mobile and display channels

Track  and aggregate data from campaigns in real-time dashboards to visualise how the audiences interact with your  creative, targeting and the  point of sale to provide an understanding of how the content will perform when it debuts.

Track your campaign marketing in real time with Gruvi

The Audience Project (or TAP) was created to collect detailed behavioural data which is then analysed  and segmented to create audience clusters that can be fed back into the major ad exchanges of Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc, in order to improve engagement.

TAP is funded through Creative Europe. To read more about the impact of this important project for European Audio Visual content follow our Blog.

The Audience Project Gruvi

Our clients include

Our film marketing agency services are used by a large number of entertainment companies globally, from cinemas to movie studios and games companies to VOD platforms and TV stations. We know entertainment and movie marketing from within.
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