GDPR Compliance

Gruvi is fully compliant with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are committed to respect the law and our users’ rights to privacy while they use our services.

When interacting with one of our campaigns- be it through a website, interactive ad, or video ad- the data we collect (impressions, interactions) is non personally identifiable unless otherwise specified, in which cases full consent will be requested. These cases include asking for a user’s email for the purposes of sending showtime reminders or a user’s address after a quiz so they can receive their prize.

Interaction and impression data are collected for the purposes of measuring a campaign’s progress and success, but no personal information is stored in that process.

In accordance with regulation, users are invited to request complete information regarding what Gruvi knows about them and to delete such information if necessary. For this purpose, users should contact Gruvi’s Data Protection Officer, João Lago, at