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Are European Exhibitors Ready To Capture Online Audiences
Ben Johnson
Updated on 12/12/2023

Gruvi is offering Europa Distribution members the following services in order to improve the promotion and distribution of independent films. Our work will endeavour to help Europa members with:

  • transparency about European releases
  • research about movies to help media planning
  • special offers on certain advertising services

The service will include the following bonuses:
Film Release Database: A database of films launching across European territories – so distributors can see which Europa members are working on the same titles across Europe and when they will release the film.

Film Market Reports: Gruvi will provide Europa Distribution members with early access to a series of reports that analyse, from an audience targeting perspective, 3 important titles from each of the major festivals. An example of the audience analysis: https://www.gruvi.tv/a-prayer-before-dawn/

Audience Research: A 25% cost reduction for tailored film audience analysis reports, helping you to understand who the audiences will be for a film, where they are and what they are communicating about. this will support any movie promotion already at an early stage and helps to improve marketing strategies based on real audience data. Packages are available for different amounts of consultancy work and start at 5 hours and upwards.

Different film marketing packages for standard releases include:
Advertising Services:(FB, IG, Snapchat, Youtube, Display and Mobile) Film Marketing Packages for members include prepackaged rates and include film dedicated website design, with a listing of all the screenings and showtimes. You can see an example of our ticketing website here: https://gransfilmen.se.


Mobile Advertising Packages: Based on our network deals with Mobile publishers Gruvi can also offer additional impressions on mobile campaigns (excluding social media) for display campaigns. Additional mobile advertising impressions for ad budgets will start at media budgets of 3000 euros+.
About Gruvi
Over the past few years Gruvi has been talking to national film centers: Danish Film Institute, Creative Desk Ireland, Poland Czech Republic etc.), film institutions (UNIC, EDN Docs, EAVE etc.), festivals (Locarno, Berlinale, Karlovy Vary, Venice), Universities (London Film School) and more to contribute to a discussion about current practices of the industry and challenges the film business faces.
Gruvi shares findings of audience behavior online and how to leverage and provides different lectures on understanding marketing tools, creative choices and audience retargeting principles. We want the independent film industry to think differently about the lifecycle of their digital audiences so our knowledge sharing aims to show how to market across the user journey from finding out what the campaign is about to when it’s on, where they can see it and what to watch next.
We have published an eBook to share our strategies, guide step by steps and showcase studies here, we hope this helps you: Winning Your Audiences: Movie Marketing in the Connected World

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Are European Exhibitors Ready To Capture Online Audiences