Updates to Facebook’s newsfeed: The new look of our players

Ben Johnson
Updated on 18/10/2022

Over the last few weeks we have been seeing some very interesting updates to Facebook’s news feed that have been greatly improving the presentation of our apps. This week the latest launch looks set to cement this format into the majority of users Facebook layouts. Here it is in all it’s glory.
Our apps now feature as full postcards within the Newsfeed layout – we’re really excited with the improvements to the engagement we are seeing as a result. Our recent campaign with Divergent is converting well in excess of 12% of users into ticketing. We’ve always believed that a combination of great creative, video and showtimes is a strong engagement driver – and it’s fantastic to see that this format is working extremely well with film audiences as demonstrated by our recent white paper.
We can see that post reach numbers have significantly improved in line with posts that use Photos as the format is more engaging than the traditional thumbnail view:
We enquired with Facebook many times last year to see if there was any possibility of improving the layout from the more traditional thumbnail image posts we used to see in the past whenever we posted our players to the Timeline.
What’s on the pipeline:

  • We’re now building systems that enable the ability to select through a range of attractive images
  • Automate the process of posting so that prior to the films release the movie teams can plan their posts so they update automatically over the period of the campaign

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