Gruvi Weekly Digest #96 – Digital strategies for cinemas- the key to European audiences

Digital Marketing For Cinemas – Gruvi services Suite: Black Panther
Ben Johnson
Updated on 25/03/2022

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Gruvi’s Web A.U.D.I.T. Asks How Effectively Are European Cinemas Reaching Online Audiences?
While there are positive signals from developing markets in Europe, the truth is that, when it comes to cinema attendance, the general trend is a decreasing one. This is clearly determined by the many alternatives to watching movies in a cinema- including streaming them at home or watching YouTube content instead. The trend is particularly worrying when it comes to younger audiences (up to 24 year olds) that have traditionally been frequent cinema goers.
As this particular audience segment is also one of the most active online, we decided to look at how cinemas across Europe are present and active there in order to understand how they can best tap into the opportunity for audience reach and engagement through websites and social media.
The result is our A.U.D.I.T., recently published on Celluloid Junkie, in which we share our conclusions after analysing the online presence of a series of cinemas in the UK, France and Germany.
The general takeaway is that very few cinemas have a digital strategy that taps into the full potential for online reach and engagement. To see how each country fared as well as our recommendations based on this analysis, read the full article on Celluloid Junkie.
In the coming months we are expanding this analysis to cinemas in other territories. If you’d like us to analyse your cinema’s online presence and help you optimise your digital strategy, take a look at our suite of services for cinemas.

Other articles of note The scale of BFI development and production funding
Stephen Follows does an excellent analysis of the most important public funding scheme available to UK productions at a national level. He reviews both development and production funds and has a look at what type of projects are usually financed and how they perform commercially once completed.Does appearing at Cannes contribute to the success of a film?
A few weeks back we had a look at the aftermath of Cannes from a market point of view. In a piece from late May of this year in Screen International Charles Gant takes the longer term view and analyses how screening in Cannes might have impacted the box office performance of some of the most buzz-worthy titles of the 2017 edition (including Palme d’Or winner The Square).
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AT&T-Time Warner Merger: Insiders Await Judge’s Ruling With Nervous Anticipation After Long Period of Limbo
While we were all waiting for the final ruling in the merger of AT&T and Warner, nobody was more anxious than those having a direct stake in this. Some of them have been waiting for over 17 years for an opportunity to make up for the hit they took with the Warner- AOL merger back in 2001. With no conditions imposed for the merger, it’s safe to say that judge Richard Leon has made some people quite happy (and wealthy) yesterday.
AT&T-Time Warner Merger: Insiders Await Judge’s Ruling With Nervous Anticipation After Long Period of Limbo

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Digital Marketing For Cinemas – Gruvi services Suite: Black Panther