Cinema movie marketing: new trial with the Odeon

Ben Johnson
Updated on 25/03/2022

Last year we launched a suite of tools for cross-promoting and marketing content on social media. Cinema became one of the first verticals we launched these new tools in, with great success. We’re extremely excited to announce that last month we successfully launched a trial of these technologies with the Odeon cinema chain in the UK.
Odeon are using a combination of our Index app on their official fanpage and the Newsfeed app to promote films to users on Facebook, via Facebook’s ad exchange.
The Index App features every film currently screening Odeon cinemas across the UK. The app geolocates to the cinema closest to a user’s location and filters to show only the corresponding films available at that cinema. This app also contains trailers for every film, all displayed easily for browsing and moving between.
Users can click on films to be taken to showtimes where, again, geolocation results the user being presented only with relevant, local showtimes and deep-ticketing links. At all times the user is presented with other available films to ensure easy cross-promotion of all content.
The most important aspect of the technology is the Newsfeed app. Consistently across all our campaigns, whether they be for film, TV, events or cinema, the Newsfeed app out performs all other tools. In this instance, the Newsfeed app is used to highlight and spread awareness about a specific upcoming film among users on Facebook. The app loads natively in the Newsfeed on Facebook and displays the trailer, geolocalised showtimes and other cross-promoted content in-read – the entire user journey is contained within the app on Facebook up until payment and seat selection on Odeon’s site.
It’s still early days but we’re seeing exciting conversion and video view stats already. Earlier in the year, we saw fantastic results with a similar setup for CinemaxX in Denmark and, so far, it’s looking like the technology is scaling extremely well to the larger stage of Odeon.

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