Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know how to run Facebook/ Instagram/ Snapchat advertising?

Gruvi not only builds marketing tools, but also manages the media buy on social media channels and across the web, with programmatic buying. Our team is on top of the newest ad formats and we’re constantly reviewing the performance of our tools to ensure not just great reach, but great engagement too.

I only have one trailer, do I have to create additional trailers for the advertising?

We can use your trailer and other video to create alternative edits for various digital platforms that will optimise ad performance. This service is included in the budget for the campaign.

Do I have to cut videos for Instagram and Snap vertical ads myself?

We can edit your trailer/ teaser to fit the size and duration requirements for Instagram Stories and Snap. This service is included in the budget of campaigns that run on these channels.

Will I be able to change the creative for my project if I don’t like it? Will I have to pay for a new creative proposal?

All the creative elements of the campaign are submitted for review and approval by the client before going live. We follow all brand guidelines for your key art, campaign images and poster artwork. However, if you want to make changes we can look to accommodate them at no additional costs, to the extent that is possible within our templates.

I have a budget but don’t want to spend it all on something I have never done before, can I do a test with a smaller budget?

We incorporate a testing period in all the campaigns we run where we determine what creative works best with the target audience.

I am not based neither in London nor Copenhagen. Where can I meet Gruvi’s sales team?

We’re champions of remote work and can run campaigns anywhere in the world. You can always reach us by email or phone or meet us in person at film festivals and media conferences. Keep an eye on our social media to find out where we’re headed next!

What is the expected budget I should have for a campaign?

The total budget depends on the number of people you are trying to reach & engage, and also on the country the campaign will run in - advertising costs differ between digital platforms and various territories. If you provide us with an estimated budget for a campaign, we will get back to you with a media plan detailing what we can achieve within that budget.

Do you provide campaign analysis and a final report?

Through the Gruvi Analytics Dashboard you can monitor in real time all aspects of the campaign across all channels. At the end of the campaign we provide a Final Report which analyses all results and includes notes on highlights, along with recommendations for similar future campaigns.

What if I already have a landing page? Can Gruvi advertise with tools created by third parties?

Gruvi can use advertising tools created by third parties, but we are limited in how effectively we can track interaction rates with these tools. All of Gruvi's own tools incorporate tracking that is updated in real time.

I want to handle the media buy in house. Can Gruvi just build the tools?

If you would like to handle the media buy in house, you can purchase a technology licence for Gruvi’s tools which includes support from our team with building the creative. Pricing depends on the type and number of tools you would like to build. Please get in touch for details.

Does Gruvi execute custom web designs?

Gruvi’s tools are template-based but provide a variety of customizable features to reflect your branding. We focus on responsive tools with a fast turn around time for creative so that your campaigns can be launched as fast as possible. We do not execute custom web designs, but if there are features you find useful in general, we are happy to receive suggestions and improve our templates.

What does Gruvi promote?

Gruvi’s tools are designed for promoting creative products, entertainment content (including movies, series, TV programming) or events. We have successfully adapted this format to promoting consumer goods such as automobiles, for example. Get in touch to discuss how we can adapt our reach media formats to your advertising needs.

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