Landing Pages


Create the ultimate destination for your entertainment content, with Gruvi’s fully-responsive website. This technology is equipped with audience tracking tools to monitor and improve the media buy, and a raft of interactive features to help promote your film, tv show or game. These include geo-located showtimes, reminder functionality, watch/subscribe options, movie showtimes, video playlists, games, quizzes, gallery and more.


Use the website as part of a PR or influencer outreach strategy. The Gruvi website is embeddable across a variety of platforms, to help enhance organic outreach efforts. No matter where the website is placed, all interactions are tracked in real time on the Gruvi Analytics Dashboard.

Facebook Tab

Make the full website available in the menu of your Facebook fan page, as a tab. Especially useful if you’re working with a bigger catalogue, it allows regular customers to access schedule information, links to ticketing or VOD
at any time in your fan page menu.

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