Gruvi provides data driven research using the latest tools & techniques to establish who are the audience that will be interested in the content we are promoting, what topics and themes they are discussing in relation to it, the size of these audience groups, their demographic, and which digital platforms they are using. 

Using the audience research techniques above we construct targeted digital strategies for social media and programmatic advertising. Our planning also incorporates predictions on how likely the audience is to engage meaningfully with the campaign.

Plans can include a combination of the following:

Keyword targeting

the keywords and targeting parameters most likely to engage the audience

Channels strategies
which paid channels will be most effective for communication

Creative and video strategies
guidelines on messaging and creative

Reach and frequency
potential size of the audience and the number of times they will be advertised to over the course of the campaign

Actions predictions
how many meaningful audiences interactions will the campaign generate e.g. completed video views, shares of content, interactions with Point of Sale (POS)

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